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A somatic/body=psyche/mind thread

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:37 pm
by gods+lonely=man
I'm starting a thread based on a concept i mentioned in the ''Thought of the day'',mainly that of turning to our bodies in order to understand reality.I've recently started to explore this concept which i find some what foreign but fascinating.I've always been a very mental type person,stuck in my head and obsessed with thoughts/ideas/concepts.I've never really cared that much about material based pleasures like food,drugs,sex with the exception being music which sort of has a foot in both the worlds of mental/physical.That being said the body has not been much of a concern of mine.
After learning about how trauma can get stuck in the body and the theory of the heart being the other brain along with the gut,i now think that there may be lost
knowledge about the human body having a larger role in our understanding of subjective being.
This first video is a sort of general talk about the skin's relation to our mental state.
I think its a good layman's introduction into a subject that is just now being researched.
If anyone has links to aspects of this like somatic therapy,reichian treatment,attachment theory,empathic hypersensitivity related to the nervous system,ect, please share them here.
Basically explorations into what unknown tools the body has in experiencing,interpreting,understanding reality as well as the potential it has for helping us heal wounds that we don't understand.

Re: A somatic/body=psyche/mind thread

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:52 pm
by deep state
As happens I just texted something similar: I am not in favor of attempts to set the clock back only in realigning with reality, starting with the body's

and: the dominant "Leftist" narrative has stigmatized certain body-realities that are now associated with conservatism... hence the attraction of the alt-right thing, with its racial realism, etc.

and also why I made the comment that others saw as hyperbole, that there's nothing more destructive than the ideology behind the "trans-movement" ~ because its premise is that "sometimes nature gets it wrong." And of course, that We (TM) can fix it.

Re: A somatic/body=psyche/mind thread

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:03 am
by C_D
That video makes some interesting observations. The skin is, after all, our external barrier which encases our internal workings. It seems pretty reasonable to me that what is occuring beneath or within, may be presented externally - through the only physical medium available to it. And especially so, when it comes to matters of mind. For instance, a festering dark secret - unable to find relief - may well present itself, wholly unconsciously, as an irritant skin condition. I can well believe this.

An anecdote about our body's hidden abilities - I got tested 20 years ago and was found to be allergic to milk. I already knew this, but wanted confirmation. This test was carried out - and I'm not sure if this sounds believable - by introducing my blood cells into some milk, at a microscopic level. My blood cells were observed to actively move away from the milk. It reminds me of a scene in John Carpenters 'The Thing' where someone sticks a hot piece of metal into a sample of an infected humans blood - and the blood jumps out of the petri dish!

So I haven't had much contact with milk, cheese or butter for the last 20 years. However, I did continue to occassionally eat beef. But in the last few years, during which I didn't really acknowledging the symptoms to myself, I've found that some things have become difficult to physically swallow. It culminated recently when my son offered me a small morsel of his beef steak in a restaurant - I chewed and swallowed - and it got stuck halfway down the pipe into my stomach. I'll not go into grisly details, but my body would not allow it to pass into my digestive system. I had to puke it up. I have twice since eaten beef - once as a burger, the other as a steak - and in both circumstances, the meat would not pass into my system.

My body (which does not have a built-in interactive app with which to warn warn me) is saying - 'Are you some sort of idiot? How much clearer do I have to make it for you, you dummy?'. It will simply not allow that which is extremely bad for me to pass into me anymore.

I believe the body has many of these mechanisms, the vast majority of which are unnoticed by the distracted, busy-minded human, who has come to rely on medical professionals alone to diagnose their woes. The body has a way of warning, but it's whether the recipient mind has the senses, or will, to intepret it as it was intended.

Re: A somatic/body=psyche/mind thread

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:27 am
by gods+lonely=man
Came across a video about ASMR not that long ago and thought it was a weird niche thing relegated to a few youtube communities but in recent weeks it seems to be trending.Curious if anyone has had these as i have not had this effect.Granted there are many different triggers so it could be a very subjective thing.Also wondering if there will be other body related autodidactisms in the near future... ... -behind-it ... r-shivers/

In looking into ASMR it seems that china has banned them which i find very funny,i imagine a swat team busting into someones bedroom in the middle of them watching a Bob Ross video. :lol: ... -explained

Re: A somatic/body=psyche/mind thread

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 10:58 pm
by C_D
Tried a few, just now - and they don't do anything for me.

But, having read the comments (below the Guardian article), it seems that for some, it relieves stress.

God knows, there's enough stress in the world today. Take comfort from wherever you can get it.
It's gotta be better than mind-invasive psychotropic medication, surely?

Re: A somatic/body=psyche/mind thread

Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:36 am
by C_D
It made me think if there was anything specific that 'gives me comfort' in a similar way to ASMR.
There is. One of the things that gives me comfort is the slightly muted sound of a train passing over railway tracks. The rythmic clickety-clack. I think I know why. I did a job that I disliked for 20+ years (a salesman) and for parts of that period, I took a train to work. The journey to work (from the moment I closed my front door to the moment I walked into my office) was like a slow walk to the gallows, day in, day out. The sound of the train soothed me on my inward journey by allowing me to be 'in the moment' - in effect, to experience a slowing of time and a thus delaying of the inevitability of arriving at work. The sound of the train on the way home was the opposite - allowing time to move quickly and get me home faster. An unwinding and winding mechanism.