Occultist Community Links to Child Abuse in the UK

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Occultist Community Links to Child Abuse in the UK

Post by deep state » Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:31 am

Just came on this, which seems very balanced & sound considering the subject matter, and is written by an insider of the UK occult/wicca/chaos magic community. It's a long piece, here are a few highlights that succinctly sum up the author's argument, which pretty much matches my own view. The author is Nathaniel J Harris, who wrote Khaos Punk and illustrated Prime Chaos by chaos magician Phil Hines.
Operation Yew-Tree has recognized and investigated links between Jimmy Saville and a Satanically themed sex club, and some of his victims have disclosed their abuse to have been Satanically themed and ritualistic. Nevertheless, these facts have not been widely reported, and where they have those reports have been attacked by other journalists.

Why is it possible for us to believe that Jimmy Saville abused so many children, in so many settings, and betrayed so much trust.. but impossible for us to accept that he wore a black robe and chanted ‘Hail Satan’ when he did it?

It seems any child abuser might get away with his crimes simply by employing the right paraphernalia, and ritualizing the violation- thus making the crime ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’, which many people remain adamant does not exist, rather than mere child abuse, which is a widely recognized reality.

If that was all it took to rob a bank, do you not think we would have gangs of black robed criminals regularly turning over Barclays with cries of “Don’t move, and nobody gets sacrificed to Satan?” Would we all be arguing that Satanic Bank Robbery does not exist, whilst all this was going on?

Or supposing a ring of child abusers chose to dress up as something else, such as clowns or cowboys? Would we then be arguing that ‘Circus Themed Abuse’ or ‘Wild West Abuse’ does not exist? Would the disclosure of their victims be just as easily discredited? Is that really all it would take?

Do you really believe that occultism is the only spiritual culture in the entire history of the world that harbours no paedophiles? How likely is it really that abusers exist in the Church, in Buddhism, Hinduism, indeed every religion, but not within Paganism, and certainly not Satanism? Why? What makes occultists so different from the rest of humanity?


It is my unhappy experience that occultism in the U.K. not only harbors paedophiles, but is thoroughly infected with them. The Pagan community will invariably rally around member against whom allegations of abuse are made, always assuming another ‘Satanic Panic’ persecution, and rarely -if ever- considering such allegations might actually be true. What better place, then, for a paedophile to hide, and to find the support they need should they ever be discovered?

Just as the B.B.C., the Catholic Church, and corrupted local authorities, all have to take responsibility for having allowed paedophiles to prosper in their midst, so must occultism.

https://nathanieljharris.wordpress.com/ ... in-the-uk/

Mandrake Press in the UK have posted this at the author page for Harris:
Harris is currently unwell. He is suffering some form of mental illness, one symptom which is misdirected rage against former friends and associates. He has been making unpleasant, unsubstantiated accusations on various Internet forums. Under no circumstances should any of these accusations be given credence. He is receiving professional help and we wish him well for the future. He was a talented writer and artist and in the spirit of compassion we will continue to make his work available.

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Re: Occultist Community Links to Child Abuse in the UK

Post by deep state » Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:08 pm

'Cult' fights claims of child sacrifice

November 22, 2006
AN ANTI-CHILD-SEX campaigner accused an occult religious group of hosting parties at which naked children acted as waiters and at which members had sex with and murdered children, a tribunal was told yesterday.

The obscure group Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) claims Dr Reina Michaelson and the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program described it in a website article as a satanic cult that sacrificed children and ate their organs and blood.

It has complained under Victoria's religious hatred law that Dr Michaelson and her organisation vilified OTO members, causing revulsion, ridicule, hatred and contempt.

According to OTO's statement of complaint, Dr Michaelson said it was not a religion but a child pornography and pedophile ring, that its members practised trauma-based mind control, sexual abuse and satanic rituals to discourage its victims from complaining to the authorities, and that it condoned kidnapping street children and babies and children from orphanages for sex and sacrifice in religious rituals.

The case began at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal yesterday, but was adjourned to today to allow a last-ditch attempt to settle out of court.

The article, still accessible on a website run from NSW, suggests senior politicians and television celebrities are part of a top-level pedophile ring and have been protected by some police. It says some members of the ring pretended to support Dr Michaelson's campaign and became board members of her group to subvert it from within.

Adam Paszkowski, for Dr Michaelson, who was named Young Australian of the Year in 1997 for founding the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, said the article was published on the website "without her knowledge or consent or authority".

Dr Michaelson last year called for a royal commission to investigate her claims that Victoria Police did not properly investigate pedophile ring allegations.

Earlier complaints led to a report by the police ombudsman in 2004 that was highly critical of two senior detectives.

OTO members follow a religion known as Thelema, founded by occultist Aleister Crowley.
http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/ ... 04937.html

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Re: Occultist Community Links to Child Abuse in the UK

Post by deep state » Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:45 pm

Certain individuals on the ‘occult scene’ have said I am a piece of sh*t for suggesting COIL – two of the most famous Chaos magicians – might have been paedophiles. Apparently I am the source of the disgusting rumour that they had a liking for under age boys and were ‘sex tourists’. But then, some people refuse to see what is right under their noses when it doesn’t suit them. No doubt there are Gary Glitter fans still in denial too.

I think this video says more than I ever could..

https://nathanieljharris.wordpress.com/ ... edophilia/
Taylor McLaren 4/13/96

I dunno if anybody else out there has read the latest issue of Sonic
Envelope yet (http://www.netrail.net/~sonicenv/), but the interview with
Genesis P. Orridge says some really scary things about Coil... I hope
Nasty Byte doesn't mind, but I've included the relevant bits of that
interview below:
NB: So tell me about your friends in Coil.

Gen: I have no opinion about Coil. And I would take issue with calling
them my friends.

NB: Oh - really?

Gen: Absolutely. They're the people that made the videos that started the
whole problem. [ie. the ones that presumably lay at the heart of the
little fiasco that got Gen exiled from the UK in the first place -me]

NB: So they're no longer your friends.

Gen: I'm just being neutral. Because if they suddenly went, "Actually, the
videos that you thought you were talking about, which you didn't actually
possess, but which you had heard rumors about..." - they were actually two
videos made by John Balance and Sleazy (Peter Christopherson).

NB: And they were good friends of yours - for a long time.

Gen: Yes. For a long time. But I'm pretty disgusted with the way they
behaved. All I got was a fax from them saying, "Don't tell anybody about
who really made the videos." And then not even five dollars to help me
survive in exile.

NB: That's not very good.

Gen: No. But you see, Sleazy - he's actually from a very well-to-do
family. His parents are Sir Christopherson and Lady Christopherson, and
they go to Buckingham Palace and dinner with the Queen.

NB: Would it have been a big embarrassment if it had come out - if he
(Sleazy) had stood up and said, "This is my responsibility"?

Gen: Absolutely. It would have been a big scandal. And also of course, it
wouldn't have come out, because his parents have the power to suppress
the information.

NB: But even so, if he had spoken up...

Gen: If he had the courage of his convictions, yes. Let's leave it at

https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic ... Obf0oGJsvM
The group [TOPY] focuses on the psychic and magical aspects of the human brain linked with "guiltless sexuality".

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thee_Temp ... hick_Youth
Beyond Belief
On 19 February 1992, the UK television programme Dispatches aired an episode entitled "Beyond Belief.‟

The episode purported to provide evidence of Satanic ritual abuse (SRA), backing its claims with survivor accounts and graphic footage. The show was hosted by Andrew Boyd, an active proponent of the reality of SRA and author of Blasphemous Rumours, a book on the topic.3 Immediately after the episode, a helpline for callers was advertised,
commissioned by Channel 4 and run by Broadcasting Support Services.4 The episode of Dispatches had been previewed by Eileen Fairweather in the Observer Magazine three days prior to its release, in an article entitled "Video Offers First Evidence of Ritual Abuse.‟5

Although gestures were made towards journalistic objectivity, the article was both extremely hostile and unequivocal in condemning the footage, whilst asserting its evidential force. References to both law enforcement agencies and the opinions of medical experts, combined with an interview with the (now debunked) cult survivor"Jennifer‟ mentioned in the programme, reinforced the image of rampant ritualised abuse of both women and children:
[t]he video shows the abuse of young adults in what is clearly a ritual context…It shows obscene rituals involving a hooded man having ritual symbols carved into his flesh, a naked woman tied up and raped, and an apparent abortion on another restrained and possibly drugged woman. Another scene shows a young female tied up and involved in a violent sexual act. One of two doctors consulted by The Observer believes she may be no more than 13 years old. These sequences are inter-cut with fleeting shots of explicit sex, human skulls and Satanic symbols.6
In at least some circles, the video footage was taken as providing substantiation of the then-assumed presence of active Satanic groups engaging in ritual abuse, and certainly"Beyond Belief‟ presented that image. What was not initially made clear, although it fairly swiftly came to light, however, was that the footage used as evidence within the episode was in fact an experimental film created slightly less than a decade earlier by the occult and artistic collective group of Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (TOPY).7 Moreover, the footage itself had been partially funded during the 1980s by Channel 4, used previously as part of a programme on experimental British cinema,8 and as an element of various performances by associated bands including the experimental outfit Psychick TV.

Journalistic reportage, in general, swiftly turned against the initial interpretations of the episode, and publications such as the Observer Magazine, amongst others, moved to a much more cautious position within days of the broadcast:
a Channel 4 Dispatches programme last Thursday screened excerpts from the video [First Transmission], in which a naked man is beaten and repeatedly cut with knives, a young woman scarred with another sharp implement and a pregnant woman apparently subjected to an abortion…Far from providing any definitive answers to the question of the existence of large-scale"Satanic‟ cults, it is clear that the Channel 4 programme has given rise to still more heated debate,
with sceptics passionately arguing that the video is evidence not of a Satanic cult but of a bizarre performance art.9
Nonetheless, the incident resulted in raids upon the homes of TOPY members and the seizure of materials, including much of the back catalogue of members of various bands and other professional artistic works. Individuals came forward to accuse TOPY members of inappropriate behaviour, such as offering drugs to children and writing sexually explicit letters.10 Founder and member, Genesis P-Orridge (b. Neil Megson, 1950) and his family, who were out of the country at the time of the broadcast of "Beyond Belief,‟ chose not to return home to England. While P-Orridge was never in fact charged with anything, his and his family‟s self-imposed exile was in large part due to the incident.

1 Norman Simms, „Representations of Nature Limited and Unlimited: A Speculative Essay,‟ Literature & Aesthetics, vol. 21, no. 2 (2011), p. 3.
2 It should be noted that this incident has many conflicting accounts, and details often vary. The provenance of the footage is equally unclear, and is often attributed to Psychick TV rather than TOPY. Priority has been given here to the account in David Keenan, England’s Hidden Reverse: A Secret History of the Esoteric Underground (London: SAF Publishing, 2003), pp. 223-231. For other approaches, see, for instance,"Bogus Devil Video Rekindles Satanic Panic,‟ The Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Danielle Kirby Literature & Aesthetics 21 (2) December 2011 page 135
Foundation, at http://www.saff.ukhq.co.uk/devilvid.htm. Accessed 21/12/2011; and Desmond K. Hill,"Transmedia Exiles,‟ Rogue: das Kulturmagazin, at http://aka.iptechnik.net/rogue/archiv1/ ... exile.html. Accessed 21/12/2011.
3 Andrew Boyd, Blasphemous Rumours: Is Satanic Ritual Abuse Fact or Fantasy? (London: Fount, 1991).
4 Sara Scott, "Beyond Belief: Beyond Help?,‟ Child Abuse Review, vol. 2 (1993), p. 244.
5 Eileen Fairweather, "Video Offers First Evidence of Ritual Abuse,‟ Observer Magazine (16 February 1992), p. 4. It is important, and somewhat distressing, to note that the journalist who wrote this article was also a researcher working on the program Dispatches.
6 Fairweather, "Video Offers First Evidence of Ritual Abuse,‟ p. 4. Transgressive Representations Literature & Aesthetics 21 (2) December 2011 page 136

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