I can't help but think...

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I can't help but think...

Post by gods+lonely=man » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:08 am

I can't help but think in the near future that some sort of ''false flag'' will happen pushing America and possible other countries into another us versus them
mode of thinking.With Trump pulling back NATO and signaling that conflicts of the past are over,the MID is going to need a new enemy in order to justify
their existence along with bloated spending.The markets also most likely need a boost and wars seem to charge them more than peace paradoxically.
I could see this as being parallel to what has been going on with the pushing of the false race inequality and xenophobia madness by the media in order to
keep people divided.In a time when our society is reaching new levels of integration and harmony among differing groups of people,we are being force fed the idea that the progress of the last 100 years was just an illusion.I can only imagine the perplexed dumbfoundedness that people who went through
any of the original social movements might view the current wave of victimhood.
There may be some other things rolled out in order to keep people chasing their tales...

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